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Drill Straight Holes Every Time with Integrated Light Guide for Perfect Bit Alignment

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This is a simple power drill accessory that mounts to the front of your drill chuck. It rotates with your drill and produces several easy to see circular patterns on the work surface. When the circles are aligned (concentric) on the work surface, the drill is straight, and you’ll always get a straight hole.

It's really that easy.

Drilling straight has always been a challenge, but now there's a universal solution. This innovation ensures perfect perpendicular drilling without extra accessories or hassle, revolutionizing the process for everyone.

This projects a series of circular patterns on thework surface that indicate alignment or misalignment of the drillbit. The patterns make it easy for DlYers and Pros alike to alwaysdrill perpendicular to the work surface.

The Core offers versatility in drilling orientation, unlike bubble levels. It doesn't rely on gravity, ensuring perpendicular holes in walls, floors, ceilings, or boards at any angle you need.

This quickly and securely connects to the face ofany common drill check in seconds, and it can be removed just aseasily.

(📌Ps: We take your safety seriously, lf a foreign object mistakenlycomes into contact with this Core during rotation, itsmagnetic connection with your drill is broken, and its rotationceases.)

This works with thousands of common commerciaelectric drills and drill chucks. So, you don't need to own aspecific drill to get your holes straight.just add the Core.

The Core is designed with the ruggedness required to constantlyspin at thousands of RPMs on a drill and withstand drops.

THE CORE WORKS WITHYOUR DRILL.( Designed to work seamlessly with thousands of commonelectric drills by mounting magnetically to the flat front face of the drill chuck)

THE CORE WORKS WITHYOUR DRILL BITS (Designed to work with a wide variety of commoncommercial drill bits including some Standard, Hex Shank, Spade, Step, Masonry.and Auger bits.)



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